The Most Efficient Types of Glass for Windows

Are you doing a remodeling project that will likely require new windows? Are the ones you currently have around your home outdated. You may struggle to get them to open because they swelled and are now too tight in their own frame.  Like a big girl trying to fit into old jeans – not pretty!  Equally as important now a days, they may not be even energy-efficient.  This is a problem, because then you are dropping a bunch of cash paying higher energy bills each month. When you have decided that it is time for a window upgrade, it is important to learn about the various types of “glass” for windows.

GlassThere are both double-pane along with triple-pane window (learn the difference here) options today whereas these didn’t exist 20 years ago. The sun’s ability to heat your home depends on simply how much light you would like to let in your home. On average, just closing your blinds or drapes will reduce the radiant heat by between 51% and 71%. The windows may also be less energy-efficient than the windows today are in which case the radiant heat may still come though. Shutters will keep your windows covered unless you decide to open them to let fresh air into your home. Here in The Woodlands we are seeing a lot of home owners choose to retro fit their homes with the latest windows that can block out most of the heat and block uv rays too.

Lightweight aluminum windows are a common option for many reasons. Lightweight aluminum is known as a green material, So it is an ideal selection if you are looking to save energy and maybe the planet – but that’s a debate for a different day. It is a strong yet light-weight material that does not cost as much money as some other options.   As long as the seal around the windows is strong you ill be in good shape!  They are lasting and less expensive than the most other window options like vinyl.

Several other window options that you may choose from consist of single dangled, side to side slider and also executive style. Every option has its strengths and weaknesses so make sure you speak to a qualified professional before you make your choice. There are also displays that you may wish to consider purchasing and setting up between every sheet associated with glass. We discussed which kind of windows stand up best to high winds and hurricane conditions by speaking with several experienced window company owners.  Who better to know how much pressure and water a window can withstand that talking to the people who spray windows with high pressure and water everyday! Learn more about cleaning windows and power washing in The Woodlands at or call for more info.

“Old glass windows are the worst.  And the worst of the worst are the ones that have individual pieces of glass on each window.  So each window may be 9 to 16 pieces of glass” said owner Daniel Simmons.  The water will get in between those pieces of glass and inside the house – and that completely defeats the purpose of a window anyway – right?