Wow Is It Getting Cold And Windy In Laugharne!

With the temperature dropping and the ind increasing it is a great time to evaluate your windows and make sure you don’t have any cracks in the glass and that you are not paying to heat outside! says it is cold and getting colder so make sure you are prepared with the best replacement windows in the business.  There are a lot of places to shop for new or replacement windows online or locally so make sure you do your homework and don’t make a decision that will haunt you for years to come!  If you have any questions just contact us and we will be happy to help.

Sunroofs Are Great For Your Emotional Well Being

sunroomSun rooms are great for both entertaining and just lounging around the house.  The natural sunlight we get in The Woodlands really brings warmth into the space and increases vitamin D which makes you feel better.  If you like to look nice and tan it can be a comfortable way to get a nice golden color without all the heat and sweat.  If it is the tan you are after than make sure your glass isn’t treated with a film designed to block UV rays and prevent skin cancer!  There are, as always, several things to consider before jumping into this project.

The Cost – Sun rooms can cost between $5,000 and $30,000 depending on just how fancy you want the room to be and if there is already a foundation and/or roof.

Construction – this can be quite disturbing to your family and sometimes it is even recommended that you temporarily leave your house since there may be a new hold in it!

The Roof – Do you want to have a glass roof or a standard roof?  The glass will let in more light but how much is too much?

Air Conditioning – Do you plan to heat and cool the room?  If so you will likely need to pull permits and hire an air conditioning contractor in order to make it work.

Maintenance – You will obviously need to clean the inside of the sun room but you will also need to have the outside power washed by professionals from time to time.

Pressure Washing Driveways Maintenance

Furnishing – you will want to make sure you have a design theme in mind so it ties in well with the decor from the rest of your house.

As excited as you no doubt are about the prospect of building your sun room it is worth the time and effort to make sure you do it right and that it will pay off in the future both in quality time spent within and in resale value when the day comes to put your home on the market!



Is Glass The Best Material For Windows?

No.  Glass is not the best material for windows.  We I guess there may be “more to it than that” if you want to really debate what all could go into this topic.  Stained glass in beautiful in many cases but requires a lot of maintenance and breaks easily.  We have all been to the church where the stained glass is ornate and looks heavenly!  But you have probably also seen stained glass help together by take and glue and it didn’t look quite so good.

churchMaintaining a stained glass window takes special care because you really cant apply any pressure and just scrub the thing clean like you could an regular window.  For this reason and more glass is generally not the best material for windows.  If you’re on a tighter budget then vinyl may be a good option for you because they are now considered a generation behind as it comes to windows and many manufacturers can make them very inexpensively now.  They are usually double-paned and you will almost certainly end up with a leak in between the panes at some point and you will curse the day you decided to have them installed.

Now there are composite windows (learn more) which are stronger and reflect or deflect more of the heat coming from outside and more directly from the sun.  They can block up to 90% of the heat from coming inside.  If you have old glass windows and upgrade to these windows let’s do a little simple math and say each saves you $10 per month in electricity.  But they cost about $500 each installed.  So you “break even” after 50 months.  Could be worse…you could spend a bunch of money with no time horizon for payback or even worse end up with a product that requires substantial ongoing investment and will never pay itself back….like a pool!